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We are changing the way we add new blinkie templates to!!

This means that planning and creating blinkie templates will become a community effort, with lots of opportunities to have your templates featured on So we’ve made a Discord Server for people to chat about blinkies! Feel free to join, especially if you’re interested in submitting templates. The Discord server is the main platform where we’ll be communicating with submitters re: their templates & future Blinkie Packs.

some personal details

I started on October 15, 2021. There aren’t a lot of other blinkie generators on the Web, and I wanted to fill that gap by making a new one with more modern features & design. was a very small, experimental, and personal project. I made it my goal to add at least one template per week, because:

Now, more than a year later, is in a very different situation.

Basically, the project has matured a lot. We have a pretty hefty library of templates, and I spend more time processing submissions from other creators than making my own, so I no longer feel like I have to commit to weekly template releases to keep the project going.

Also, my personal & professional life is changing a lot – I have a career that excites me, relationships I care about, and I’m finally starting to catch up on a huge backlog of Adult Stuff I had been neglecting. This all translates to a very busy schedule, and the specific requirement to publish new blinkies each week has often conflicted with my other personal responsibilities.

I think the new release schedule with larger, less-frequent Blinkie Packs will be really good.

So I’m really looking forward to it!!! Thanks for reading this far <3

~ Amy