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welcome to the blinkies archive. offers two types of blinkies:
 - original, drawn by
 - archived, from elsewhere on the web.

when we add a blinkie from the web, we archive a copy, then create a template version without text. these template versions are used by the blinkie maker.

the archived copies live here, with links to their sources and generator pages. all blinkies not on this page are original.

archived                  source                   generator
--------     ------     ---------
forget-me-not blinkie     forget-me-not
bro ur sparkling blinkie     bro ur sparkling
Havin a whale of a time blinkie     Anakin's Place     Havin a whale of a time
me? naughty? neverr blinkie     me? naughty? neverr
Miku fan!! blinkie     amy     Miku fan!!
u octopi my <3 blinkie     Anakin's Place     u octopi my <3
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in most cases it is difficult or impossible to track down the original creator of a blinkie. this is partly because blinkies have been widely shared & copied without attribution for two decades and counting. most original creators' websites have been offline for years.

however -- if you see a blinkie that you drew, oh wow i love your work and i'd love to chat about it!! please say hi, so i can update the source or remove your blinkie if you prefer.
font sources

blinkie text can use a few different types of lettering:
 - hand-drawn
 - truetype font
 - bitmap font

hand-drawn lettering is of course out of the question for a blinkie generator. truetype fonts are common and diverse, but tend to look worse than bitmap fonts at such low pixel counts. prefers bitmap fonts where possible, but falls back to truetype fonts when necessary for expanded character sets. sincere thanks to font creators for making this possible!

font     source
----     ------
moonaco     amy
offical emotes.     transbro
monogramextended     datagoblin
lanapixel     eishiya
pixeloid sans     GGBotNet
04b03     押本祐二
rainyhearts     Camellina
infernalda     MrtheNoronha
pixelpoiiz     poiiz
doublehomicide     jeti
hydratinglip     Hazel Abbiati
Perfect DOS VGA 437     Zeh Fernando
dogica     Roberto Mocci
alagard     Hewett Tsoi
fipps     pheist
pixel icons compilation     Woodcutter
{pixelflag}     Chequered Ink
grapesoda     jeti
green screen     James Shields
digitaldisco     jeti
04b_19     押本祐二
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