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Lots of pixel fonts have hidden symbols in them! Here are the special symbols in generator (that are not in the emoji drop down list) Below will list some examples including the font you need to pick and the text you need to copy.

Font: Pixel Poiiz

example blinkie example text
pixelpoiiz font symbols blinkie   0 & . % $

Font: Rainy Hearts

example blinkie example text
rainyhearts font symbols blinkie  


rainyhearts font symbols blinkie   Œœ

Font: Hydratinglip

example blinkie example text
hydratinglip font symbols blinkie   @ % &

Font: Pixel Flag

example blinkie example text
pixelflag font symbols blinkie   {Blinkies|Cafe}
pixelflag font symbols blinkie   <Box Squares>
pixelflag font symbols blinkie   [In A Box]
pixelflag font symbols blinkie   (Pill Shape)
all symbols { | } <> [ ] ( )

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